Our mission is to help groups succeed through improved communication.

origin story

Founder Steven Buchko created Agora to solve the communication problems he faced as an undergraduate at the University of Florida (UF). Frustrated with the number of apps he was using to stay up-to-date with campus organizations, he made it his personal mission to centralize group communication and relieve the pressure felt by overwhelmed students like himself.

Today, our company mission directly mirrors the personal goal set by Steven years ago. We help groups succeed through improved and centralized communication. To best connect with the students we're helping, we're headquartered one block from UF - the campus where it all began. Inefficient communication should not hold back organizations from accomplishing their world changing goals.

our amazing team

Steven Buchko

Founder & CEO

Renato Nascimento

Technical Lead

Gabriel Guzman

Web Developer

Steven Hurtado

Mobile Developer

Samantha Schneider


Derek Shi